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  BassRaider 10E

Pelican Bass Raider 10E pontoon boats can run in just a few inches of water, and be transported in the back of a pick-up or on top of a car to a favorite fishing spot. They offer outstanding perfomance due to their sharp V entry tri-keeled pontoons which provide superior tracking while minimizing side-slip. The extra-large pontoons provide the highest freeboard, greatest stability and weight capacity. Features 2 vertical rod holders and 4 carry handles.

Length   Width   Weight   Capacity   H.P. Rating
10' 2" 50" 145 lbs. 600 lbs. 3.5 H.P.
Motor weight should not exceed 36 lbs.
Recommended shaft length - 15"

Bass Raider 10E $ 1049.00
Includes shipping in the contiguous 48 states